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Changing business needs require a hybrid multicloud platform with “as a service” simplicity and complete compatibility everywhere. With a common approach and experience, NetApp helps you leverage the cloud for faster, more dynamic delivery of services and frictionless data movement.

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What if you could move your data and workloads wherever you wanted while managing everything with ease, security, agility, and compliance? Enter NetApp. We give you the freedom to manage applications and data everywhere across hybrid multicloud environments. Our data management and storage solutions integrate with the world’s leading cloud providers, giving you one consistent environment, unified data services, and centralized management that enables visibility both on premises and in the cloud. NetApp ® BlueXP enables you to do all this from a unified control plane. Let’s do this.

Build agility into your hybrid cloud strategy

Your wish list is long: achieve the right balance of resources on premises and in the cloud, simplify infrastructure management and monitoring, control costs, reduce risk, and protect data across your hybrid cloud or multicloud environment.

Guess what? You really can have it all—without refactoring applications, breaking workflows, or creating vendor lock-in.

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Whether you want to migrate data and production applications or extend your data center to the cloud for backup and recovery, here are six ways you can make the shift to hybrid cloud today.

Data protection

Back up and restore data from your premises to the public cloud, consolidate datastores, and create disaster recovery environments in one or more public clouds.

Data security and compliance

Store data in specific cloud locations to meet sovereignty, security, and compliance requirements. Improve data visibility and protect against ransomware.

Data tiering

Reduce real estate space, infrastructure management, and cost by automating movement of infrequently accessed “cold” data from your premises to cloud storage.


Integrate on-premises and public cloud storage to support your enterprise apps. Reduce system administration costs, protect data, and simplify operations with unified management across your hybrid cloud.


Speed application development with a hybrid multicloud environment so that you can release new applications faster and support continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD). No retooling required.

Cloud bursting

Temporarily move data (or clones of data) from on-premises environments to the cloud, or between clouds, for dynamic workload flexibility and data processing.

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Great partners make great hybrid clouds

NetApp and VMware have spent the past 20 years defining the virtualized data center, delivering the most trusted storage and virtualized infrastructure solutions around. When you combine NetApp ® storage with VMware, you get the integrations and consistency you need to cost-effectively move your storage-heavy, data-intensive workloads to your choice of cloud.

Send IT roadblocks packing in the evolved cloud : NetApp has a better hybrid multicloud experience

The times they are a-changin’. In cloud’s next evolution, its benefits aren’t held back by complexity. Use the clouds you want, how you want with unified operations, built-in protection, automation to go green and save green. Bye, chaos. We won’t miss you.

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Unlock the best of cloud

We were asked by the world's biggest hyperscalers—AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud—to build data management and storage solutions in their clouds because of our success, reliability, and uptime.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

“The work we are doing together to support our customers’ need for hybrid cloud infrastructure has been breakthrough work.”

– Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

Google Cloud

Google Cloud

“We are very happy to be working with NetApp to deliver joint solutions where we meet the customer on their cloud journey, where they are.”

– Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud



“It’s great to have our engineers—and the synergies of our two companies—going all the time.”

– Bill Vass, VP of Engineering, AWS

Consistency, consistency, consistency

They say that consistency is the key to success, and we couldn’t agree more. Now you can buy, deploy, operate, and optimize your distributed data resources across your hybrid multicloud as a single unified experience.



Get consistent storage-as-a-service consumption so that you can offload storage operation tasks and better plan, predict, and manage your budgets.

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Deploy and operate

Combine NetApp ONTAP ® data management software with the NetApp BlueXP for consistent data services and operations across your hybrid cloud.



Consistent, AIOps-driven maintenance improves efficiency and performance with less human intervention. Get real-time, full-stack visibility into your multivendor, multicloud environment.

GigaOm ranks NetApp #1

NetApp “sets the bar high for the industry”

In 2022, premier analyst GigaOm recognized NetApp as the clear leader in cloud file storage—again.

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