The NetApp portfolio includes intelligent cloud services, data services, and storage infrastructure that helps organizations manage applications and data everywhere across hybrid multicloud environments.

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Founded in 1992, NetApp is based in San Jose, California.

Our people

Get to know us, our backgrounds, expertise, and passion.


We expect and reward respect, integrity, diversity, and teamwork.

Let’s connect

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What does NetApp do?

We embrace all things cloud

We build services that manage, connect, and automate. Our customers rely on us to make their apps faster, their data centers run better, their business reach new levels of excellence.

NetApp San Jose office

Our history

NetApp has delivered innovative technology since 1992.

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News and NetApp TV

Explore NetApp news and our always-on streaming platform.

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Accolades: NetApp rises above

NetApp raises the bar and sets new industry benchmarks.

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Investor resources

Get all of NetApp’s public financial details in one spot.

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Love cloud? Our new Cork HQ has a place for you

If you have experience with – and a passion for – cloud, we just might have the job for you!

We run with a cool crowd

NetApp and the world’s largest public clouds have been fostering mutually beneficial relationships ever since, well, cloud became a thing. Learn how to join the party.

Careers at NetApp

We’re forward-thinking technology people with heart, which is why we hire talent in our own image — those with vision and passion. Ideally, we spot opportunities that others in our industry miss. And it pays off. Companies that know about cloud technology, for example, come to us first for advice and partnership. We’re friendly that way.

NetApp leadership

It’s not enough to be good at technology. You also need to be good at what comes next. Our leaders are skilled at both. Learn about who they are and their vision for data, cloud and transformation.

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What we value

The following values inform every decision we make—from customer interactions and social causes to designing solutions and supporting our employees. At NetApp, living these values is essential.

You don’t become a deeply trusted, indispensable partner without listening to customers, walking in their shoes, and propelling your orbit with a strong point of view.

Care for each other and our communities

Caring for each other and our communities takes large doses of humility and kindness—mixed with building deep, authentic connections and topped with an unwavering commitment to collaboration.


By embedding diversity and inclusion into every decision that we make, we open the door to other voices, different perspectives, and most important, our true potential for innovation.

Embrace a growth mindset

We step out of our comfort zone even when it's scary and learn from both our failures and our successes. This keeps us from stepping into the dreaded fixed-mindset quicksand.

Think and act like owners

Showing up with our A game, being accountable, and acting with speed and integrity are the keys to unlocking the sense of ownership that's necessary to create the future.

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Diversity, inclusion, and belonging

We incorporate diversity, inclusion, and belonging into our culture, values, and business practices.

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Social impact

NetApp believes in embracing something bigger than yourself. Pursue excellence in the service of others. Become integral to a diverse and inclusive culture. Learn more with our social impact programs.

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Environmental impact

Our products and services meet and exceed international environmental standards and achieve continual improvement.

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Trust Center

With a deep culture of respect, integrity, and teamwork, we empower our customers to protect their data and privacy with transparent commitments to the fundamental principles of privacy and security.

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Let’s connect

We'd love to hear from you. See your options for getting the conversation started.

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